Henry Calvin’s parents and siblings

I am still gathering information about the siblings of Henry Calvin Pulliam. This is what I have so far.

Henry Calvin was the son of Calvin Pulliam and Nancy “unknown maiden name”. Calvin was born 1823 in North Carolina. Calvin and his wife, Nancy had seven children. All of the children were born in Bollinger County starting with Sarah born 1842.

It is assumed that the Pulliams were one of the families that traveled from North Carolina to Missouri with the Bollinger family when they arranged a group of families to settle in Bollinger County.

George Frederick Bollinger first came to Bollinger County Missouri in 1797 from North Carolina. He returned to North Carolina and in 1800, he returned bringing 20 families with him.

It is also assumed that the Looney family, (Fronia’s line) also were among those first settlers.

The children of Calvin and Nancy are:

Sarah Jane born Oct. 16, 1842 and died Feb. 3, 1933 in Hornersville, Dunklin County MO. Sarah Jane married Thomas Benton James.  They had eight children. One of those children, Cora Ellen, married David Franklin Long, son of John “Hoppy” Long and his third wife, Malinda Emmaline Burrow. I need to do a lot more research on Sarah Jane. I am finding things about the marriages of her children that may be quite interesting.

Lydia, born 1844 and died 1846

Elizabeth was born in 1850- and this is all I know about Elizabeth.

Gillian Ann  was born June 28, 1853 and died August 9, 1917. I have quite a bit of information about Gillian. On June 11, 1871, she married John Wesley Hanners. They had a least four children. One of those children, Serilda Adeline Hanners, married Enoch James. Serilda was Enoch’s first wife. Enoch will pop up quite often in the Pulliam family. Enoch was married a second time to Selly Elizabeth Angle. Enoch and Selly were the parents of Beulah James. Beulah was the wife of Arnold Pulliam, son of John and Fronia Looney Pulliam. Selly Angle was married twice, her second husband was Curby Arnold Pulliam, son of Henry Calvin and Serilda Pulliam.

Henry Calvin 1855-1941

William born 18?? I acutally have William as being born in 1855, and since I have two possible birth years for Henry,  I will have to research this some more. That is all I have on William.

Mary Eliza was born 1857, at this time, that is all I know about Mary Eliza at this time.

Nancy Ann “PJ”  was born 1858. I am still researching Nancy. She married John R Cobb, October 20, 1877.  They had at least three children. John is listed on the 1880 census as being a school teacher. He died in 1939 in Graves Kentucky.

I would welcome any information about the spouses and children of these Pulliam relatives.  Also would welcome any pictures.


One Response to Henry Calvin’s parents and siblings

  1. Connie says:

    Thank u Aunt Sandy!!! I know this takes alot of time and wish i had the patients that u do! If wasn’t for u doing all this we would have never gotten ahold of Chrissy and i would have never got to connect with all my cousins…I am having problems understanding some of it ….like are Paula’s kids my 2nd cousins and what are Roger,Marlene and Willie to me..i know they are Momma’s cousins…I wish i had more of an understanding of all this!!! I know u are busy so won’t ask anymore question!!!
    Love ya and thanks again!!!

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