Fronia was a Looney

I am going to take you all on a quick side trip to talk about Fronia Looney Pulliam.

The Looney’s are a fascinating family. The Looneys first came to the United States from the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man has been owned at various times by France, England, Ireland and Scotland.

Looney men were known to be hot-tempered and stubborn. They were rugged frontiersmen and liked the challenge of living on untamed land. The Looney men were a fussing, feuding bunch. They fought in every war and if there was no war they fought among themselves are against neighbors.

Fronia’s parents were Naomi Jane Cole Looney and Benjamin Franklin (3) Looney. They are buried in Looney Cemetery close to the old home place.

What I know of Naomi’s parents can be said in just few sentences. Her father was Daniel Cole, born in 1830 in Missouri. Her mother was Delphina Smith, who was born abt 1838 in MO and died February 25th in 1903 in  Bollinger County. Delphinia and Daniel had eight children. I have obits for Delphinia and most of her children. I don’t know when or where Daniel died.

Naomi was born March 2, 1833 and died January 9, 1949, Benjamin was born December 13, 1860 and died January 17, 1944.

Naomi Jane Cole Looney

Benjamin Franklin Looney

I have a lot of information on the Looneys and a book is being published about the Looney line. I owe much thanks to Carol Looney Waldropf for sharing information with me.

The parents of Benjamin Franklin (3) Looney were Benjamin Franklin (2) and Catherine Clingingsmith Looney. Benjamin (2) was born about 1823 in Tennessee, and died October 21, 1895. Catherine was born March 1834 in Missouri and died after 1920. Benjamin (2) was married twice. He had four children with Peggy “unknown” and eight children with Catherine. The children of Catherine and Benjamin are brothers and sisters to Naomi’s husband. I do have information on some of his siblings.

Parents of Benjamin (2): Aurthur Galbraith Looney (1790-1816) and Mary Morgan (1801-unknown). They had seven children.

One of the children of Arthur and Mary was Catherine. Catherine married Joshua Bollinger. He was one of the few Bollinger’s that did not stay in Bollinger County. He went to California during the Gold Rush. Catherine died of typhoid fever in California.

Parents of Arthur were Benjamin Franklin Looney JR (1771-1822) and Mary Polly Galbraith (1774-1840), they had seven children.

Parents of Benjamin Franklin Looney Jr were Benjamin Franklin Looney born between 1748 and 1756 died 1783 in Tennessee and Mary Johnson (1750-1830), they had 6 children.

Parents of Benjamin Looney SR were Robert Looney JR (1721-1756) and Margaret Rhea (1722-1803), they had five children

Parents of Robert Jr were Robert Sr (about 1649-abt 1700) and Elizabeth “unknown maiden name” (abt 1700-1746) Robert and Elizabeth had 12 children.

The Looney’s are a very interesting family, I hope anyone that is interested in that line of the family will come visit me so I can share more.

I do have a copy of the will of Naomi’s husband, Benjamin, I also have a copy of a reciept for his funeral expenses. On February 22, 1944, the amount of $405.53 was paid to Cracraft Miller by Everett Linebarger, the executor of his estate to cover his funeral expenses.


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  1. Roger says:

    I found the info very interesting and I think you.I hope the info I gave you from the Bible has helped with this.The next time I am down I would like to stop y and see you and Bud.I will let you know ahead of time of this.

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