Ellen Surelda Pulliam Estes


Ellen Surelda Pulliam was the second child of Henry Calvin and Sherilda Long Pulliam.

Ellen was born December 25, 1882. She married Lee Estes in Bollinger County in the year 1901.

Ellen and Lee had eight children. Elvis, Arven, Chandes, Early, Hazel, Beulah, Mazie and Ellene.

I am still researching the children of Ellen and Lee. 

 Elvis was born January 8, 1908 and died November of 1960. He married Ruby Jones and they had a child named Raymond. He also married Maggie Long and they had a child named Rose Ann. 

 I have to obituary for Maggie. She and Rose Ann were killed in an automobile accident April 13, 1958. Rose Ann was 15 months old.

Arven was born July 31, 1903 and died Febuary 11, 1970 He married Sadie Faith. Their son Houston was born December 17, 1929 in Kennett Missouri. He died July 27, 2006. Arven had 5 sons, Houston, Eddie, David, Ray, and Johnny. And one daughter, Sheila (Robert) Olsen. Houston’s obituary lists two other sisters; Juanita Nelson and Aledea York.

Hazel was born October 24, 1910 and died October 1, 1951. Hazel married Rayford Bettiegrue.

Ellene was born January 30, 1925 and died February 15, 1925. Less than two weeks after Ellen, her mother, died.

Ellen died February 3, 1925, from pneumonia, complicated by childbirth.  Ellen is buried in Mount Zion Cemetery.

After Ellen died. Lee remarried. He married Maudie Mae Cook. Maudie May is the mother of Essie Pulliam. Essie’s father is Jesse Pulliam, son of Henry and Sherilda. With the marriage of Maudie and Lee, Essie’s cousins became her step-siblings.

Maggie Mae and Lee also had eight children. They were LouEllen, Helen, L.B., J.D, Lee J, Donald, Franklin and Shelby (male)


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