Curby “Curb” Arnold Pulliam

Curbie Arnold Pulliam has a very complicated family. I am not sure I have everything correct, and welcome corrections.

Curb was born near Scopus Missouri on September 6, 1986. He died March 1962. Curb is buried in Pulliam Cemetery, Mayfield Missouri.

Curby was married twice. First to Zoie Cook.  Zoie was born August 1896 and died 1924. Zoie was the daughter of James D Cook and Nancy C unknown.

Zoie is buried in Pulliam Cemetery.

Curb and Zoie had the following children: Cecil born 1917 and died 1977, Ruby Irene born 1923 and died 1990 and J. C “Jay” born 1924 and died 1990, Lillie 1911-1937, and Lela.

Lillie married Marvin James Kirkpatrick, who was first married to Annie Long.

Annie Long’s father, Henry Lee Long,  was a grandson of John Hoppy Long.  Henry Lee Long was the father of Earl Long.  Earl Long was the husband of Jess Pulliam’s daughter Essie. Essie’s mother, Maude Cook, married Henry Lee after her first husband, Lee Estes, passed away. Lela Pulliam married Orville Kirkpatrick.

Jay’s wife is still living.

Ruby maried twice, first to John Amon Angel, who was a brother to Curb’s second wife Sell. Ruby’s second husband was William Burns.

The parents of Sell and John Angel were Sarah Cook and Andrew Angel. Andrew was the son of Hannah Henrietta Collins Angel Long. Hannah was the second wife of John Hoppy Long. John Hoppy Long was Curb’s grandfather 

Curb was also married to Selly “Sell” Angel. 1897-1966. Sell is buried in Pulliam Cemetery.

Before I list the children of Curb and Sell, there are some things to say about Sell.

Sell was married to Enoch James before she married Curb. The children of Enoch and Sell married other Pulliam relatives. Their daughter, Beulah married Arnold Pulliam, son of John Calvin and Fronia Eveline Looney Pulliam. Eula, daughter of  Sell and Enoch, married Lyman Cook. Lyman was a brother to Maudie May Cook. Maudie and Jesse Pulliam were the parents of Essie May Pulliam.

Encoh was also married to Sherilda Adeline Hanners. Sherilda Hanners was the daughter of Henry Calvin Pulliam’s sister Gillian.

Children of Curb and Selly: Carl, Billie, Hellen, Jake, Arnold, Annadell.

This may not be a complete list of all the children., Curb’s family is complicated and all the family relationships are hard to figure out.  I welcome any other information and/or corrections.


4 Responses to Curby “Curb” Arnold Pulliam

  1. Susan James - Jordan says:

    Wow!! I knew that my grandpa had some siblings that were James and some that were Pulliams, but I sure didn’t know the family was that complicated!

    • Susan James - Jordan says:

      My grandpa Enoch Florence “Jim” James was a full brother to Eula James Cook and Beulah James Pulliam.

  2. Kirby A. Pulliam says:

    This is a really neat website, I am the son of Carl Pulliam, named after Curbie, and I am 37 yrs old, this is the first time I have ever seen a photo of my grandparents from the Pulliam side, I did not even know my grandmothers name….interesting.

    • Susan James - Jordan says:

      My Grandpa James kept a copy of this picture in his living room for years. Selly died before I was born. Selly would have been my great grandma. She had my grandpa when she was married to her first husband Enoch James.

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